Introducing Corpus Intelligence

TrustedOut Overview

Trust in sources of knowledge — the Corpus — is mandatory for education, opinions and ultimately for any decision-making. TrustedOut introduces “Corpus Intelligence” to make Intelligence trustworthy, allowing clients to precisely define what they trust with a uniquely profiled, AI-fed and permanently updated database.

Severe and growing distrust in content.

Only 34% trust the news, down from 74% in 1974 (source: Reuters Institute/Oxford Univ., 2018).

Fake/False news are just the tip of the iceberg of misinformation and manipulations. In fact, thinking fact checking and blaming bad people is a very dangerous oversimplification of the issue at hand. Every hitech major evolution has a societal impact. 20 years ago, blogs made everyone a publisher on the internet. Social networks made everyone an editorialist sharing opinions in real time. And everyone influences everyone. Consciously, honestly. Or not.

The solution: define your own Trust Out of a super profiled media database.

You have executive decisions to make or help make. You are an executive, a business analyst, a product marketer, a communication manager, a PR director, a brand safety leader. You need to create a corpus of media sources that will feed your Business Intelligence tool. Today, you just pile up sources, as much as you can because you believe bigger is better and will eliminate any bad content amongst the quantity. Wrong!

Forrester Wave

“Current Offerings All Look Alike”-Forrester, Q3'18

“Buyers will struggle to distinguish major differences between each vendor’s current offering because social listening platforms all rely on the same data sources as the foundation of their platforms.” — The Forrester Wave, Q3 2018

Introducing TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence

Introducing TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence

Mike is a business analyst and he needs insights on the Advertising market in UK, US and France. His trust in media sources here is defined by:

TrustedOut provides Mike with corresponding media names, sources and even articles. Permanently updated so Mike is always using the Corpus he trusts.

Magic? Artificially.

The need for directories is not new. Yahoo!, originally named “Jerry’s and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” was a great success and perfect example of the need for a curated and organized way to find a site but also of the limitation of a model based on humans: limitation in size, in updates and worst of all, bias and opinion based selections.

TrustedOut Artificial Intelligence Engine

Self-fed, self-grown and self-maintained.

TrustedOut’s use of latest technologies, machine learning, web crawling, big data, microservices breaks those limitations. Humans are only here to guide our AI “workers” so our engine gets smarter and smarter…