Business Case #1. Content orientations

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Tailoring Public Relations with Corpus Intelligence

In this first Business case, the client, ACME is a sport car maker wondering how to have to perfect Press Relations (PR) effort to make sure Artificial Intelligence in its car will boost image?

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The perfect corpus for the perfect messages to the perfect audiences.

ACME is already using Media Analytics Tools but is not (yet) using a TrustedOut Corpus. Not an issue. You can import your existing corpus to TrustedOut.
In no time, Corpus analytics give a clear picture of the media you use, so far, and thus, if the decisions you're making from them could be impacted.
The whole process is live, self-corrected and adjusted at all times.
Let's now see if you've been making decisions out of oriented content and if you'd like to continue to do so...

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence in action

How political, religious and humorous/satirical is your Corpus?

Focusing on the Content orientations, TrustedOut shows in blue the level of orientation and the drill down on that orientation.
Every client will set their acceptable level of orientation in each domain. In our example below, the political orientation is quite substantial, due to an overweighted left wing orientation.

TrustedOut Corpus Analytics map your corpus orientations

Yes, Political orientations influence your analytics (and thus, how your decision-making).

The very same analytics were run using the very same analytics tool, Netvibes, across the whole Corpus (the All column) and one per political wing (Sources: BPI events).
Gauging the level of political orientation of your Corpus will drive your reading of your analytics tools and thus what you make from it.

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence shows political orientations impacts

Tailoring the AI twist on PR: Focus on local development, re-insurance/comfort spin, no link to smartphone.

From the analytics results above, when it comes to AI, left wing oriented media are more negative, feels a foreign influence from Silicon Valley and China, and do not link AI with smartphones.
Right wing publications are way less negative, local sensitive, linked to iPhone only (vs all publications both linked to both android and iphone)
Bottom line: PR efforts should insist on the local development of ACME cars, re-insure, re-comfort on AI being a benefit, not a threat and have no link to smartphones, use or ownership.

Don't want any content orientations?

Refine your existing corpus by filtering out any content orientations. TrustedOut will provide relevant media, sources and even article abstracts. And this, permanently updated.

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence removes content orientations

TrustedOut makes Intelligence Smarter and Trustworthy.