TrustedOut for Xandr: First results

What we’ve learned so far.

A month ago we announced: “TrustedOut partners with Xandr to bring new intelligence in targeting capabilities

Collaboration went very well and a month later, here’s what we’ve learned about TrustedOut for Xandr:

100% Industrializable.

To make the process totally frictionless, we profile the destination site and use this profiling to build a similar corpus and get the list of media from it. This list of media is then connected to Xandr, as the trusted whitelist.

100% Safe.

100% of the whitelist coming out of the corpus created, and if necessary, fine-tuned and/or validated by the brand manager, is following TrustedOut’s holistic profiling process

100% Premium.

Nothing but Safe Media.

No Games, No Directory, No Platform.

And all local. If you select the country and/or the language, 100% will be from your selected countries and/or languages.

Higher Engagement.

We’ve enjoyed significantly more impressions viewed per domain.

Cheaper CPM.

While Premium, we’ve also noticed cheaper CPM.

Bottom line: TrustedOut is frictionless because industrializable, totally safe and Premium for your brand.

Want to give it a shot? Let us know!


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Freddy Mini

CEO & Co-founder