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What we are fixing:
How am I perceived? How do I compare? Are my Editorial efforts visible?

Publishers need an unbiased, universal perspective on how their content is classified and how they are perceived.

How we are fixing it:
Get instant Profiles on a Media, a Source and/or Articles.

1. Find a media

Here, let’s take Inside EVs

2. Read the media profile.

The number of sources with the publishing rates:

Classifications scores over a period of time (here for the past week. Past month and past quarter are also available):

3. Download the media profile.

Download Media Profile

4. Read sources profile.

Let’s take the source “Features” from the Media “Inside EVs”:
For example here, the progression Week vs Month and Month vs Quarter:

5. Download the source profile.

Download Source Profile

6. Get articles profiles.

For every article, get the corresponding classifications:

The role of competition

Of course, Profiles, Media and Sources can be compared between Media in your sector or in a sector you are investigating.
Comparing how an event is covered amongst several media is also very important to build your publisher brand.

The role of time

Time plays, of course, an important role: To run your profile on a daily basis, to see evolutions but also to re-run profile on the same article but at a different date, to see how the perception has evolved on the matter over time:

Read Classifications evolution over time


This Solution is also availableĀ here.

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