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Hereafter is a quick compilation of business cases solved with TrustedOut

Semantic BI:

Want to get and keep on receiving content similar to a list of articles you like?…

Building a Corpus and Getting relevant articles from a list of articles.

… or from a list coming from your watch tool or here, for demo purpose, “popular on Facebook”?

Create a corpus from a list of articles (ex. here: popular on Facebook).

Want to gauge the impact of a topic on others and compare between countries?

How Health is covered depending on Political Orientations. US vs France.

Want to know what one topic also covers?

Media covering Preventive Medicine also talk about…

Want to sense editorial trends over a specific period of time?

Editorial Trends during Coronavirus – USA Today, WSJ, Miami Herald, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Ouest-France.


How to best curate where your brand will appear to keep it consistent?

3 curation methods to ensure your brand is safe and visible.

Want to get off unmanageable, outdated and potentially biased black or white lists of keywords?

AI-powered classifications vs Keywords. Part 1/2: Editorial Orientations detection.

Want to see the difference TrustedOut makes?

A/B test: Ad campaign curation comparison. With/Without TrustedOut.

How to address a market?

Helping Brand Managers address the Football lovers market

Want the curation to be at the URL level?

Introducing URL Curation. Feeding BI and AdTech with context they need.

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