Populists/anti-elitists and Right wings share the same views on News Media in France

The illustration above comes from a recent study from Journalism.com (Pew Research)

Importance and trust lowest with Populist/anti-elitist. Not a bipartisan left vs right split.

“In France, 22% of people with populist anti-elitist views say the news media are very important to society, compared with 42% of those without these views. Regarding trust, 26% of people with these views say they trust the news media at least somewhat, compared with 47% of those without these views.

The sense of media importance in France is also divided by left-right ideology; 39% of those on the left say the news media are very important, compared with 23% of those on the right. There are no differences, however, in trust in the news media between people on the left and right.”

Left wing does not follow Populist/anti-elitists. Right wing does.

Does local newspaper decline have an impact?

Like it did in America

The decline of local newspapers impact on democracy.

A new Populist/anti-elitist classification.

Beyond our current, Politically Oriented filter, if this is confirmed we shall add a new filter for Populist/anti-elitists media. Good news. Our AI-operated classification can do it! Want to know how? Ask a question below…

Questions? Shoot!


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