Need for Media Profiles Lists? Unilever agrees.

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[Source and credits: AdAge]

On Monday, we wrote:

Media profiles are key to Business Intelligence and Advertising.

Unilever launches “Trusted Publisher” list.

AdAge writes: “Unilever is launching a Trusted Publishers network that goes beyond the standard audience-verification, anti-fraud and brand-safety guidelines of most marketer ‘whitelists.'”

“Both the publishers and the criteria will be continuously re-assessed”

“We’re aiming to have as many publishers as possible, but they need to go through these selection criteria,” DiComo says. Both the publishers and the criteria will be continuously re-assessed, he says, “because the space is moving so quickly.”

Unilever’s initiative is logic.

Knowing: 4 in 10 brands deliver ads on unsafe sites – Cision

Consequently: 70% implement black or white lists…

… but 64% fear negative impacts on performance.  71% fear to not achieve reach while delivering to the right audience in the right context. – Cision & Digiday

Consequently, the solution is to:

1/ Have marketers define their white lists themselves for each campaign, each brand. And align in each country.

2/ Have those lists automatically built, maintained and updated, directly serving the trading desk.

Bottom line: Keep your Brand Safe, let TrustedOut manage your white lists.

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