Mind the gender trust gap.

Credits: Gender and trust report – Edelman 2019

We strongly encourage you to read the 2019 report on Gender and Trust from Edelman. Here are our takeaways.

Women trust less than men. In business, but in Media too.

As the chart above shows, in each and every categories, Women trust less than man. Open the report to find data for specific countries. As we have a lot of readers from France, a tease is to say Women less than men in France as well, but the gap is less than the US.

+22% in news engagement amongst women.

Edelman says “Opportunity also abounds for companies seeking to engage women with their news. This year revealed a 22-point jump in news engagement among women. This is a profound shift”

More than a third amplifies media.

“We now consider more than one-in-three women as amplifiers of the media (those who share and consume news weekly and share and post content at least once per month)—a lift of 15 points. This means they aren’t just consuming the news, but are actively adding to the conversation in ever-greater numbers. Women are sharing stories, debating topics and spotlighting issues that matter to them.”

Women in control of $40T (yes, $40,000,000,000,000)

“Building brands women trust — and want to buy from, work for and engage with — is hard work, but the upside for business is real. Last year, women are estimated to have controlled about $40 trillion in consumer spending across the world. And the most gender-diverse executive teams were more likely to have above-average profitability than the least diverse companies by 21 percent. We can’t afford to slow down now.”

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