Media and Coronavirus: Trust Up, Consumption Up, Revenue Down.

The Trust Chronology:

June ’18: Poll: 72 percent say traditional outlets ‘report news they know to be fake, false, or purposely misleading’

Feb ’19: Information from Traditional Media, Conversations on Social Media.

Back then, we wrote this post:

Get information from Traditional Media, have conversation on Social Media. Not the other way around.

March ’20: Coronavirus Approval Rates: Trump > News Media

As we wrote 2 weeks ago

Coronavirus amplifies the gap in trust.

Coronavirus update: GOP 25% (-8%), Dems 61% (-5%)

Credits: Gallup

April ’20: Trump’s Approval rating falls

Credits: Gallup

April ’20: 83% Of Americans Trust Journalists For Coronavirus Info. 50% Trust Social Media

So, Trust is up and Media consumption is up

Credits: Gallup

But Ad spending is down.

Credits: eMarketer

Time for Brands to get stronger (and support traditional media)

Coronavirus impact on Brands Trust (and our contribution)

Our contribution:
TrustedOut in April. Free.

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