Less than 15% of journalists trained to best report on misinformation.

This post comments an article from Poynter. New! we are sharing TrustedOut’s taxonomy on this source at the end of the post.

Only 14.9% of journalists surveyed said they had been trained on how to best report on misinformation.

In a new study conducted by the Institute for the Future, a California-based nonprofit think tank, researchers found more than 80% of journalists admitted to falling for false information online. The data was based on a survey of 1,018 journalists at regional and national publications in the United States.

Perhaps more concerning: Only 14.9% of journalists surveyed said they had been trained on how to best report on misinformation.”

High potential to be attacked by malicious actors on social media.

“For example, users on fringe platforms like 4chan regularly try to get the media to cover stories that amplify bogus or racist narratives.”

Daily stress in their daily life.

“There’s so much stuff on social media about current events and figuring out whether or not something is true or false … (it) is a serious challenge,” said Samuel Woolley, director of the Digital Intelligence Lab at the Institute for the Future, in a phone interview. “Journalists that we talked to were super open with the fact that this was a daily stress in their life.”

Must define trust.

TrustedOut is a database of Information Sources, entirely operated by AI, so analysts can define the profile of sources they trust and thus run intelligence tools on content they trust.

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Must gauge who’s talking.

We are basing this post on Poynter.com. Prior to write anything, we, of course, use TrustedOut to understand who they are.

They are no spotted as any toxic content, such as fake news, fake sciences, conspiracist… But are they knowledgeable about publishing? Let’s ask for TrustedOut Taxonomy:

Poynter classified by TrustedOut AI-Operated Taxonomy.

We decided they were legit and wrote this post.

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