“It’s a good business, where you write for them.” [updated]

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$4,700,000,000 made by Google from the news industry in 2018.

The study, containing analysis conducted by experts at strategy and economics consulting firm Keystone Strategy and written by the News Media Alliance, and relayed by the New York Times claims Google received an estimated $4.7 billion in revenue in 2018 from crawling and scraping news publishers’ content – without paying the publishers for that use.

The amount of news in Google search results ranges from 16 to 40 percent. Traffic to news publisher raised by 25%.

According to the report, since January 2017, traffic from Google Search to news publisher sites has risen by more than 25 percent to approximately 1.6 billion visits per week in January 2018.

Corresponding with consumers’ shift toward Google for news consumption.

News is becoming increasingly important to Google.

2 impacts:

1/ Saving journalism is of mutual interests.

Google and facebook represents 80% of the advertising market. Earlier this year, we wrote this post.

Saving journalism. [updated 2/19/19]

2/ Profiling media is even more crucial.

Google Search or News may send you to publishers that are not within your definition of trust.

TrustedOut is not, at this point, as B2C offer but for B2B, marketing professionals must, even more carefully, do their analytics and select their ad campaign white lists within their selection of trust and be influenced by Google Search, nor Google News. As we say:

If it’s not trusted in, it can not be trusted out.

Deliver Trustworthy and Smarter Social Intelligence.

Can you make strategic decisions on doubtful insights?

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Can you afford to put your brand at risk?

Update: Dependence on Google?

CCN is Shutting Down after Google’s June 2019 Core Update

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