It was 2019.

First of all, we wanted to wish you, not only an happy new year, 2020, but an happy new decade! Happy 20s!

Consequently, as the 10s end, let’s have a look at…

The Top 10 posts of 2019

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#1. Our vision. Trusted Content as a Utility

Trusted Content as a Utility

#2. What TrustedOut can do for an Industry

Corpus Intelligence for an Industry: Aerospace & Defense – October 2019

#3. How TrustedOut compares Media Coverages.

Media Coverage Market Shares US vs France – Source TrustedOut – 10/01/19

#4. Do Commerce AND Branding. Not one or the other.

Do Commerce AND, NOT OR, Branding. (and fix brand safety, risky SEO et al)

#5. Beware, Brand Safety does not mean Quality.

Brand Safety, the most misleading proxy for quality that an advertiser can use.

#6. Nothing must compromise your Brand Consistency.

Do not let advertising compromise your brand consistency.

#7. What people say about TrustedOut.

They say about nous. [update #2]

#8. Explaining how our magic works

How our AI-powered classification works.

#9. Our very 1st partnership.

TrustedOut + Digimind partnership. It’s official.

#10. Do not confuse information and conversation.

Get information from Traditional Media, have conversation on Social Media. Not the other way around.

As usual, any questions? let us know!

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