“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it…

… if you think about that, you’ll do things differently” – Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett’s quote applies straight to Brand Safety.

In this article from Which-50 Media, “Three Simple Steps For Implementing Programmatic Brand Safety“, Which-50 Media writes:

“The rapid adoption of omnichannel marketing executed through programmatic media buying has brought the challenges of brand safety, ad fraud, and viewability into sharp relief… It also put the programmatic advertising industry under scrutiny too, prompting a backlash from big media agencies and large brands, predominantly from the UK and US, to suspend their advertising with Google, with countless advertisers quickly jumping on the bandwagon.”

Advertising to be displayed alongside published content aligned with brands and customers’ values.

Yes, we agree with Which-50 when they say: “At the advertiser level, it prompted brands to question how they could ensure that their display advertising ran alongside published content that aligned with both their brand’s and their customers’ values.”

To do so, Which-50 lists 3 steps: Define programmatic brand safety, White and black listings and Private marketplace. On that part, we believe 2 and 3 can be combined with a greater White listing capability. So, 2 parts. Really:

Fixing both, the intangible and tangible.

The intangible keyword-based intelligence.

The brand, to be protected at the content level, a query must be made of keywords to ensure the “must-have” words and the “must-not-have” ones.

This is protect from the intangible, not arguable, environnement incompatible with the brand.

Example: an airline will not want to be near a crash. A query with unwanted keywords related to plane crashes will eliminate those pages. That’s Which-50 1st step. We agree.

The tangible source-based intelligence.

The second part is the brand values of the publisher been in line with the brand values of the advertiser. This is tangible and requires evaluations.

Those evaluations must be unbiased, universal and always up-to-date. And to not be too limitative, have to be large and broadly cover a desired market. Consequently, only AI, Machine Learning can deliver and maintain this. No human curation can do and must not do.

In our example above, the airline might be super high end and only want to appear in upper class lifestyle publications, or the reverse, target popular categories. Might also want to reach out to a special type of profile, like people interested in specialized publications like Law or Automotive…

We name this, Corpus Intelligence. The Corpus representing all materials used for a project: analytics, marketing, PR…

By providing desired and user-defined trustworthy content, Corpus Intelligence is the vital complement to any piece of content crunch, such as social intelligence (to feed products like Digimind, Synthesio, IBM Watson…) and Online Advertising Whitelisting (to feed trading desks, ad delivery platforms…)

Fix Brand Safety with AI-operated WhiteListing.

Can you afford to put your brand at risk?

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