In Europe, for the 1st time, written press is more trusted than distrusted.

Credits: EBU

This post is our takeaways from an article and an EBU (European Broadcasting Union) report.

In Europe, Social media and the Internet are much more distrusted than trusted. It’s the reverse for Radio and TV.

Radio is the most trusted medium by EU citizens – trusted by 59% of the population with half of all EU citizens trusting TV.

Only 32% trust the Internet. 19% trust social networks.

On the other hand, the internet is trusted by only 32% of citizens and social media by 19% (down from 36% and 21% respectively in 2014).

Correlation between national news trustworthiness and democracy.

A positive correlation between the perceived trustworthiness of national news and citizens’ satisfaction with democracy means radio and television are indispensable assets for European society.

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Must gauge who’s talking.

We are basing this post on Prior to write anything, we, of course, use TrustedOut to understand who they are.

They are no spotted as any toxic content, such as fake news, fake sciences, conspiracist… But are they knowledgeable about publishing? Let’s ask for TrustedOut Taxonomy:

Advanced-television classified by TrustedOut AI-Operated Taxonomy.

We decided they were legit and wrote this post.

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