Impact on brands? Trust in Business vs Media likely tells political orientation.

This post is inspired by a PEW Research Center survey and a Journalism article about this survey. We highly recommend reading both.

A split over Business and Media.

Trust Businesses? you’re likely a Republican.

Trust Media? you’re likely a Democrat.

A very interesting look at our polarized views.

Tell me what you read…

Political moderation means Trust moderation.

Unsurprisingly but data proven hereafter:

“In recent years, partisan media divides have grown, largely driven by Republican distrust”

Why it matters to Brands?

As we wrote, Advertisers have a major role on our society.

Internet has a major role on our society.
Advertising has a major role on the Internet

In other words, Advertisers money fuels web sites that have a major role on our Society. We already know the impact on elections, but is it limited to it?

The political role of Advertisers.

Consumers believe brands intentionally place ads

Brands must be careful with where their ads appear as consumers associate the brand with the content around.

Not only for Brand Safety violations but for Political orientations.

“Whitelisting, which only allows ads to be placed in approved environments, may in fact be the best brand safety insurance.” – AdWeek

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