Holistic Media Profiling is us.

Profiling Content & Expertise + Perception + Orientation

After 2 years of development, we are proud to announce the completion and immediate availability of our holistic media profiling including the 3 facets: Profiling Content & Expertise + Perception + Orientation.

What makes us unique:


Our goal is to listen to every article every media publishes in every country. At this point, we cover France and the USA but adding a country is just a matter of teaching our AI systems.

Permanently updated. Unbiased. Universal.

Our AI systems always update every classification with new expressions found in a country and a language. It also guarantees the absence of humans biais would introduce and a constant level of competencies on every subject.

Universal and live taxonomy weighting expertise.

The very first profiling we worked on was building a unique universal taxonomy to recognize the editorial focus of a piece of content. Our taxonomy can be connected to another one, like the way an Enterprise organizes its businesses, per industry for example. This allows Enterprise customers to use TrustedOut in their own environment.

Universal, because with our Nationwide total coverage of what is talked about in media our taxonomy had to cover every matter, everything. We did it.

Live, because our AI updates the bags of words that identify a classification and the taxonomy itself is updated.

The use of words or expressions shows the level of expertise in a classification.


We believe toxic content, such as fake news, junk sciences… is a perception. For example, what is fake for someone is not for someone else. We are not about fact checking which can also be disputed but instead, we gauge how a media is perceived.


Orientation is the detection of a political, a religious and/or a humoristic/satirical angle. Political detection is either: Negative (no orientation detected), Far left, Left, Right or Far Right. Religion detection is either: Negative, or, in alphabetical order, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism. Humoristic/satirical detection is either positive or negative.

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