Helping Brand Managers address the Football lovers market

TrustedOut Quadrant for Football lovers

In a previous post we explained the TrustedOut’s Benefits and its Quadrant: A unique way to address Marketing and Advertising related to a market.

Let’s focus today on American Football Lovers and how TrustedOut can help Brand Managers.

Brand Managers:
Delivering a True Brand Consistency.

From the Quadrant:

1. Total Brand Safety

Brand Managers will want to totally secure their brand with a Whitelist made of their trust criteria:

  • Country is the US
  • AND Sources must cover Sports>Football (to broaden the number of media) over the past week (to ensure all classifications amongst the latest news)
  • AND Sources must cover Sports>Community over the same period of time
  • AND NOT be perceived as toxic
  • AND NOT be sensed as being politically extreme.

Corpus looks like this:

… representing 409 media with 845 sources and about 9,000 articles a day and 1.5M abstracts from the past.

Whitelist will be download or, even better, connected with a partner DSP:


This whitelist will drive the ad campaign to ensure, only media validated by the Brand Managers, will expose the brand.

2. Aligned watch and alerts

To make sure everyone within the company and partners are aligned and up-to-date with the targeted market, here Football Lovers, the Corpus will be modified like this:

  • Country is the US is replaced with Language is English for this watch
  • AND Sources must be dedicated to Sports>Football to narrow the coverage and watch the most important and dedicated ones.
  • AND Sources must be dedicated to Sports>Community over the same period of time
  • AND NOT be perceived as toxic
  • And removed the Political criteria to be aware of special treatments.

… representing 46 media with 57 sources and about 127 articles a day and 44.5k abstracts from the past.

This Corpus is download in the OPML format, ready to be imported in your favorite RSS Reader, Alerts, Newsletters tools.

3. PR Measurement

In this example, the Brand Manager wants his/her brand to be recognized in the Digital space. For that, he defines the perimeter where the brand must be seen and wants to make sure articles will be analyzed.

  • We will reuse the Corpus made for Whitelistings
  • And removed the Political criteria to be aware of special treatments
  • AND add Sources must also cover Digital Life OR Digital Tech

… representing 21 media with 27 sources and about 731 articles a day and 95.3k abstracts from the past.

One way from here is to download the list of articles in a CSV format and import those lists in Excel to add comments and scores for PR effort measurements


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Stay tuned for the part: Advertisers

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