Editorial Trends during Coronavirus – USA Today, WSJ, Miami Herald, Le Monde, Le Figaro, Ouest-France.

Editorial trends past week vs past month, past month vs past quarter.

How do media evolve during this unprecedented period we are experiencing with the Covid-19/Coronavirus?

We decided to focus on 3 daily newspapers in France and the US and look at how their editorial orientation evolved over the past 7 days vs the past 30 days and the past 30 days vs the past 90 days.

Numbers are as of Wednesday, April 22nd 2020 and analyze the official twitter feed.

USA: Top 2 and 1 local.

USA Today

Back to People.

Lifestyle never left but People, Home and Sports are back. Less on Medicine & Health and Politics

The Wall Street Journal

Very stable on Lifestyle>Home.

Tech is growing.  Economy & Enterprise still high but more focused on Real Estate. Less Politics.

Miami Herald

More on Money, Less and Medicine & Health

Stable on Economy & Enterprise, More on General>Finance, less on Healthcare, Politics and Government.

France: Top 2 and 1 regional.

Le Monde.

Shaping up the future?

Politics is coming back. Industries is popping up. A little less on Medicine and Health.

Mouse overt to zoom

Le Figaro

More fun. Less serious stuff.

Time for break. Entertainment & Leisure and Culture & Arts are back. Easing on Public Services and Medicine & Health


Back to the field

Back to Society and industries, less on Medicine & Health and Sciences. A little less in Sports and Soccer in particular.

Want to know how we make this happen?

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