Covid-19 Editorial Trends. Why it matters to Advertising and Marketing.

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How do Editorial focuses evolve with the Covid-19?

Covid-19/Coronavirus is a major disruption in almost everything. It has been the main focus of all major media for weeks.

Now that weeks are passing by, we wanted to have a look at any evolution of the Editorial focus on media.

Mapping the difference in focus on Industries > Healthcare.

We picked a classification, Industries > Healthcare and a region of France, the East, selected regional newspapers and compared how the main classifications of those titles evolved over the past week vs the past month. And mapped those delta in focus.

Focus shifting?

Finally, as shown above, per title, we displayed what has been the past week focuses (top classifications).

Why it matters.

For a publisher: Precise Editorial Pulse.

Knowing your product critically matters.
And it cannot be self-declared or self-appreciated.

To get a live and precise picture, on how, within a region, this title compares with others. Voluntarily or not, it does matter for the title brand sake to know where it goes and stands.

For an advertiser: Perfect Content Targeting.

Right content for the right message, measured at the moment of insertion.

Content targeting is even more important with the changes in cookies. Not only content profiling must be done right and provide the best insights on classification but it must be done at insertion time because appreciations on content vary over time and what was at publishing time may not be the same at insertion time. (More info and example here)

For a brand manager: True Brand Consistency.

As Warren Buffett says, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it”
Branding consistency is vital.

Brand must be safe, everywhere, but also stay consistent. The only way to ensure both is to define your trust and get the media corresponding. Key for Whitelisting in campaigns, internal watch and external communication.

For an analyst: Mandatory Corpus Trust.

Content used for any analytics (the Corpus), must be trusted to trust the decisions made from it.
“If it’s not Trusted In, it cannot be Trusted Out”

Any analytics, any Business Intelligence is a 3A process. Aggregation of the content/data to be used, Analytics of those, Action taken from the Outcome of Analytics. You can have the best Analytics and Action algorithms and staff, it is not only useless but dangerous to make anything from it if you don’t trust the Content and/or data to be used.

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