Comparing humorous/satirical sites in the US vs France (update: 4/2021 vs 8/2020)

For today’s post, we decided to compare editorial focuses for media spotted as humorous/satirical vs August last year.


  • Politics replaces Sports
  • Lifestyle is lower, Education is higher


  • Society is now #1, Politics #2
  • Lifestyle is lower.
  • Still high on Sciences (vs US)
  • Life and Biological Sciences now in Top 6. Economy and Enterprise is out.

Aug 24th 2020 Post:

Editorial focuses of sites spotted as Humorous/Satirical:

Above are the Editorial Radars for the sites spotted as humorous or satirical in the US and in France.

Below are the weighted editorial focus (above 1% and as of August 17th)

Quick points:


    • All about People in the USA.
    • Wider in France with People, General and Sciences.


    • More masculine than feminine in the US
    • Masculine, Feminine, Home higher in the US
    • Child and Teen and Youth in France

Culture and Arts:

    • 2x more in the US

Entertainment and Leisure:

    • High and only in the US


    • Political Engagement, way higher in France.
    • Religion present and equivalent in both countries.

Politics, Economy and Enterprise:

    • In line with Society > Political Engagement, Politics is High and only in France.
    • Union high in Economy and Enterprise in France.

Education, Sports:

    • Both only in the US.


    • Only in France.

Why it matters:

Understanding how humor and satire is played out matters for your communication campaigns to get the perfect messages at the perfect place.

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