TrustedOut and Demand Science: A very exciting new chapter! [updated]

[Click to read the press release]
[Click to read the press release]

We share the same vision.

From day 1, TrustedOut’s vision was to extensively use AI to profile content in an unbiased, universal and always up-to-date way, so our users can define what they trust (and do not trust) for their analytics and keep their brand consistent and safe.

From the beginning of our conversations with Demand Science, we realize it was a meeting of minds. We simply share the same vision.

Better Company Profiles for B2B Pros.

Demand Science is focused on healthy company data and intelligence at global scale. TrustedOut has the technology to connect real-time media content with AI-augmented intent signals, making this data richer and more current:

“The addition of TrustedOut enables us to leverage and accelerate our AI capabilities to predict marketplace intent in ways no one else is doing in the market,” – Pete Cannone, CEO, Demand Science.

We’re on to the Next Chapter. It’ll be Game-Changing.

For 3 years, TrustedOut’s founding team developed a unique AI-powered platform for an holistic content profiling. We did it.

Now, Demand Science is our new, very exciting, chapter.

We couldn’t be happier.

June 2nd Update: Demand Science Named Fast 50 Company by Boston Business Journal for 6th Consecutive Year

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