2019: Brand awareness is Marketers top priority.

According to the 2019 “State of Digital Advertising” released by Marin Software, Brand awareness is Marketers top priority in 2019.

  • Brand awareness – 25%
  • Enhancing the customer experience – 22%
  • Embracing omnichannels – 20%
  • Delivering personalization – 20%
  • Campaign management – 19%

Building Brand Awareness Requires a Consistent Brand Experience.

As written in this article, “the psychological reason why  brand consistency is is important”:

“First and foremost, brand consistency is about trust, and establishing it works like this:

In order for people to trust you, they have to feel like they know you
In order for them to feel like they know you, they must be aware of you, recognize you, and remember you
In order for people to recognize and remember you, you must show up in a way that’s consistent”

TrustedOut builds and preserves your Brand Consistency:

  • Manage lists from AI-profiled sources. Unbiased. Universal. Up-to-date.
  • Feed directly ad delivery systems 24/7/365.
  • Align centrally all lists per brands, regions, campaigns.
  • Optimize budgets using media profiles to detect most efficient media.

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