Trust in sources of knowledge is mandatory to any decision-making.

TrustedOut introduces “Corpus Intelligence” to precisely define what you trust and get the content you need with our uniquely profiled, AI-fed and permanently updated media database. TrustedOut is currently in beta test.

Our Vision: Trusted Content as a Utility.

1. Problem: Severe and growing distrust in content.
2. Impact: Distrust in = Distrust out. If you don't trust the content you use, you cannot trust any decision made from that content.
3. Solution: TrustedOut makes you define your own trust and provides media, sources and article abstracts ready for anyone throughout your organization.

Our Solutions for:

Top agency says about us:

"TrustedOut provides us with what we have been looking for for a long time, namely a dynamic construction of secure advertising delivery environments for our advertisers. But this is also far beyond that, since they allow us to select broadcasting environments according to the levels of trust that an audience and a target group grants to content, thus maximizing advertising impact, because more than ever, trust is the major issue in the relationship between brands and consumers."

Franck Farrugia, CEO, Omnicom Group France

Top commerce site says about us:

"Trustedout feels really good seeing a StartUp that not only promises a solution that everyone calls for! It really works!!! Don’t look any further… or at least I found it!"

Samir Amellal, CDO, La Redoute

Top researcher says about us:

"The way TrustedOut deals with the issue of trust seemed to me to be one of the most clever and feasible.
TrustedOut really bluffed me."

Dominique Boullier, Ecole Polytechnique de Lausanne and SciencesPo


Severe and growing distrust in content.

Only 34% trust the news, down from 74% in 1974. (Reuters/Oxford, 2018)

Fake/False news are just the tip of the iceberg of misinformation and manipulations. In fact, thinking fact checking and blaming bad people is a very dangerous oversimplification of the issue at hand. Every high-tech major evolution has a societal impact. 20 years ago, blogs made everyone a publisher on the internet. Social networks made everyone editorialist, sharing opinions in real time. And everyone influences everyone. Consciously, honestly. Or not.

Where is the Truth?

All this massive increase in communication, not reviewed, not verified, not measured means: Truth which was outgoing to an audience is now challenged and, Trust which is incoming must now be defined. This is the reason why, no-one, no organization can dictate what one will trust. Google News or Apple News, even after buying Texture, can’t say “We offer 200 trusted sources”. They can only say “We offer 200 sources you may trust”. Only the end-user can define their own trust.
That’s why we’re named “TrustedOut”. The trust is defined by our users out of our super profiled media database.

Why it matters so much?

Because the trust in sources of knowledge makes or breaks your education, your opinions and the decisions you make.

If you don’t trust the content you use,
you cannot trust any use of this content.

Like the art of cooking, this is a transformation business. You aggregate ingredients, here content also named knowledge corpus, you transform with a recipe or here some magic analytics algorithm and you eat or here, you make decisions.
Garbage in, Garbage out. Bad in, Bad out. In other words, the quality of the Inputs dictates the quality of the Outputs.

The solution:
Define your own Trust Out of a super profiled media database.

You have executive decisions to make or help make. You are an executive, a business analyst, a product marketer, a communication manager, a PR director, a brand safety leader. You need to create a corpus of media sources that will feed your Business Intelligence tool. Today, you just pile up sources, as much as you can because you believe bigger is better and will elimitate any bad content amongst the quantity. Wrong!

Forrester Wave

“Current Offerings All Look Alike”-Forrester, Q3'18

“Buyers will struggle to distinguish major differences between each vendor’s current offering because social listening platforms all rely on the same data sources as the foundation of their platforms.” — The Forrester Wave, Q3 2018.
Question: Do you trust the content you just aggregated?
Answer: How could I?

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence.

Mike is a business analyst and he needs insights on the Advertising market in UK, US and France.

His trust in media sources here is defined by:

  • It must be focused on Business to Business
  • He doesn’t want any political or religious orientation
  • Nor does he want humorous or satirical publications
  • He’s suspicious about brand new sites and prefer those with at least 2 years in business
  • He’s ok with government companies but refuses blogs.
TrustedOut provides Mike with corresponding media names, sources and even article abstracts.
Permanently updated so Mike is always using the Corpus he trusts.

Magic? Artificially.

The need for directories is not new. Yahoo!, originally named “Jerry’s and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” was a great success and perfect example of the need for a curated and organized way to find a site but also of the limitation of a model based on humans: limitation in size, in updates and worst of all, bias and opinion based selections.

Self-fed, self-grown and self-maintained.

TrustedOut’s use of latest technologies, machine learning, web crawling, big data, microservices breaks those limitations. Humans are only here to guide our AI “workers” so our engine gets smarter and smarter…