Solutions for Business Watch

What we are fixing:
How to align Executives, Collaborators and Partners with Company Goals?

Fixing the decision-makers issue with Content they rely on is good, but having everybody aligned and always updated will save time and boost ownership and productivity.
Getting everyone involved and aligned with your company goals, within the company and outside with partners, is key.

How we are fixing it:
Feed your RSS readers and newsletters tools with Corpuses from your BI Tools.

The central point is the Corpus you create on a specific watch. This Corpus which defines what you trust for a specific task (technological watch, competitive watch, market segment watch etc...) will distribute alerts, content to read, newsletter throughout your organization, internal and external:

1. Create your Corpus.

Let say you are in the Car Racing Business and would like to listen and watch Car Racing in Specialized sources in the USA.
Your Corpus query will look like this in TrustedOut:

Let's have a look at those 21 feeds (sources) from 10 media

And download the OPML file of your Corpus

You will get this file (download it to play with it)

Download OPML

2. Import your Corpus into your favorite RSS Reader

There are plenty of excellent RSS Reader. Here are 2 examples:

Example #1: Feedly
Find "Organize Sources" and click on "Import OPML"

Select the OPML file from above and enjoy reading...

Example #2: Inoreader
Once logged/signed in, Go to Subscriptions > Manage Subscription > Import/Export and select the OPML of your Corpus Enjoy reading...

3. Spread articles, alerts, newsletters throughout your organization

Our 2 examples above offer both Searches (Inoreader offers it with the free account), Alerts and even team newsletters.