Business Case #2. Media metrics impact

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Optimizing ad budgets with Corpus Intelligence

In the first Business case, the client, ACME, a sport car maker was wondering how to have to perfect Press Relations (PR) effort to make sure Artificial Intelligence in its car will boost image. In this second Business case, we will use Corpus Intelligence to get the perfect ad message out.

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Corpus analytics map what your decision making is based on.

In the Corpus Analytics below, we can see 2 groups. One with media online for more than 20 years and one with pure players media (those who are available online only). Let's dig into Pure Players. Every time you click on a pie slice, all charts are updated.
A mouseover Pure players confirms, with 35%, that they have a significant share of your Corpus.

TrustedOut Corpus Analytics shows the pure players portion within your corpus

Do Pure Players (media only available online) have an impact on your analytics?

Like Taxonomy (see Country comparisons), Publishers, Audiences, Content (see Content Orientations) and Social Media Metrics are shaping your Corpuses and thus, drive your analytics.
Corpus analytics (screen below) give you a live and precise picture of your Corpus. If your corpus was not created with TrustedOut, you can import it (view it in Content Orientations) and refine it with us.

All vs Pure Players corpus testing.

To compare how Pure Players would impact analytics, we created a corpus with "Out of digital is None", which means media only available online.

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence offers to solely focus on pure players

Yes, Pure Players impact your analytics.

Below, the very same analytics were run using the very same analytics tool, Netvibes, across the whole Corpus (the All column in the last screenshot below) and the one we created above, with the additional condition to not have media available "out of digital" (Pure Players)(Sources: BPI events).

TrustedOut Corpus Intelligence demonstrates the impact of pure players on your analytics

Optimizing ad budgets to benefit from AI perception: A Pure Players campaign, super positive, anticipation flavored without any link to smartphones

Analytics results above are clear, when it comes to AI, Pure Players finds AI more positively/cool/future, local and not linked to any smartphone brand.
Bottom line: An ad campaign delivered on Pure Players is created focusing on AI being positive, refering to anticipation, in a cool, positive way, affirming the local development of ACME and will not refer to any smartphone brand.

TrustedOut fixes Brand Safety with White List Corpuses.